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    Mark Gatt, a researcher and diver on the island of Malta, has also critiqued the latest video by Robert Corunke of the BASE Institute. Gatt authored a book entitled PAVLVS, The Shipwreck 60 AD (Allied Publications 2009) that described the possible implications of an anchor stock that he discovered off the coast of Malta a few years ago. In his analysis of Cornuke’s “The Lost Shipwreck of Paul” Gatt gives a local Maltese diver’s perspective of the issue. He says the video, like the book by the same title, is “so fraught with mistakes and manipulated facts” that he was compelled to write a refutation. The article entitled, “The Rape of Our Pauline Traditions,” was published in the “Malta Independent” on October 16, 2011 and is now on their website:


    Gatt adds some new information to the discussion. For example, he revealed a Public Question that was asked in the Maltese parliament of the Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi, as to why he sent an affidavit to the courts in Colorado for a lawsuit between the former US ambassador to Malta and Cornuke. The prime minister responded that it was “sent to safeguard the reputation of the Armed Forces of Malta and its officers because these have been misquoted in Bob Cornuke’s publication.”

    If you have seen the video, or are thinking about watching it, this excellent and witty critique will be very informative and well worth your time.

    For my critique, see: https://www.lifeandland.org/2011/09/1008/

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