• 23Dec

    by Gordon Franz Introduction History is replete with trusted and beloved people who betray their own family, friends, or country. Two examples come to mind. Judas, one of Jesus’ twelve disciples, betrayed the Lord Jesus with a kiss after receiving 30 pieces of silver. Another example is General Benedict Arnold, one of General George Washington’s […]

  • 14Sep

    by Gordon Franz Introduction One theologian described the attribute of the goodness of God this way: “This attribute, if contemplated as that which is within God, is akin to His holiness; if contemplated as that which proceeds from God from God is akin to love.  The infinite goodness of God is a perfection of His […]

  • 07Jun

    by Gordon Franz Introduction Let’s be honest, we do not live in a perfect world, nor is our homeland Paradise. There is a Millennial Kingdom coming when King Jesus will rule from Jerusalem with justice and righteousness, but that day is still in the future. We live in the nasty, here and now where Murphy’s […]

  • 09Mar

    by Fredrick Tatford If an illustration were required of the truth of Isaiah 55:8, no more striking one could be found than the 4th chapter of John. In the heat of the noontide sun, the Lord Jesus Christ sat upon Jacob’s well discussing – not with learned doctors of the law but – with a […]

  • 21Feb

    by Gordon Franz Introduction If King David were teaching a class on “Worship 101” today, he might begin the first lecture by saying: “Please unroll your third Psalm scroll toward the end, to the 145th psalm, and let’s see what lessons we can learn about worship from this psalm.” Perhaps he brought out his harp […]

  • 28Jan

    by Gordon Franz Introduction  Have you ever been in a dangerous situation and wondered if you would ever get out of it alive?  God often uses danger and adversity in our lives to remind us of what is important and this gives us an opportunity to contemplate the shortness of life and focus our minds […]