• 03Dec

    by Gordon Franz Introduction During the Christmas season of 2010 there was a billboard in New Jersey on one of the approaches to the Lincoln Tunnel to New York City. It had three wise men riding their camels in the starlit night toward an open-sided shelter with a gabled thatched roof next to a couple […]

  • 13Dec

    by Gordon Franz Introduction In the December 2008 issue of National Geographic there was a well illustrated article on the recent excavations at the Herodian.  This was the final burial place of Herod the Great, located 5 ½ kilometers southeast of Bethlehem as the angels fly.  In the article, the author made this bold statement, […]

  • 08Jun

    By Gordon Franz The following document is in an outline format and does refer to slides; however, I believe this content would be useful to anyone interested and pray that it will be a blessing. Click here to read Life and Land Notes

  • 24Mar

    By Gordon Franz Introduction In 1987, I was participating in the “Who is the Pharaoh of the Exodus?” conference in Memphis, TN.  During one of our lunch breaks, a group of us, who were alumni of the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem, went to a local eatery.  Sitting opposite me was Bishop Mesrob […]

  • 04Feb

    By Gordon Franz Biblical archaeology can be an exciting subject to study and even more exciting to participate in an actual excavation of biblical significance. Hollywood was able to capture the excitement and adventure of biblical archaeology in the now-famous fictitious Indiana Jones movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Sometimes Hollywood has a sinister motive […]

  • 04Feb

    By Gordon Franz Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. It begins at sundown on the eve of the 10th of Tishri on the Jewish calendar. If you are in Jerusalem, it is a day like no other day. It is absolutely quiet and nothing moves, except people […]

  • 04Feb

    By Gordon Franz Introduction I would like to tell you a story that the tabloids would love to put in print. If they did, however, they would distort and twist the account. But unlike the tabloids, the story I am going to tell you is true. I am not making it up. This story is […]

  • 04Feb

    By Gordon Franz Students of the Bible are aware of the connection between the Jerusalem Temple and the city of Tyre. Hiram, king of Tyre, sent cedars of Lebanon, cypress logs and artisans to Jerusalem to help King Solomon build the First Temple (I Kings 5; II Chron. 2). Most people may not be aware […]

  • 04Feb

    By Gordon Franz I would like to draw back the curtains on the Drama of World Redemption and take a peek at what was going on behind the scenes during the second half of the First Century BC. I will also consider the events leading up to the birth of the Lord Jesus and the […]

  • 04Feb

    By Gordon Franz (I Tim. 3:14-16) Introduction At the beginning of the second century AD, during the reign of Emperor Trajan, Christians were being persecuted for their faith. Pliny the Younger, the imperial representative in Bithynia and Pontus (just below the Black Sea in northern Turkey) from AD 111-113, wrote a letter back to the […]

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